Thursday, May 31, 2007

Is the native speaker the better teacher?

Dear Editor,
I'd like to share my opinion about whether the native speaker is the better

Amy Tsai

Name: Yi-Hua Tsai


Is the native speaker the better teacher?

Every time parents want their children to learn English, they always ask
the cram schools the same question: Is the English teacher a native
speaker? It¡¦s almost the most important thing the parents consider about.
If the clerks say no, some parents may just turn around and go away.
Actually, there¡¦re some reasons. One of the main reasons is that parents
may compare the English pronunciation of friends¡¦ children. And no matter
the intonation or fluency, the student of native speaker often present
better than the student of non-native speaker. However, there are more
factors the parents should give attention to. Does the English teacher have
ability to control a class of students? If the teacher cannot make the
student listen to him or her, there is no classroom rule in class. Does
teacher have the skills to teach students? If the teacher doesn¡¦t know
have the skills to teacher English grammar, learning English becomes a
boring activity to the students. Is the teacher patient, responsible, and
stable? If the teacher¡¥s individuality without those qualities, he cannot
be regard as a good teacher. There are lots of factors more important than
that the English teacher is a native speaker or not. Parents should not
only focus on the native speak or not issue. Moreover, leaning English is
a long way for the students.

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