Thursday, May 31, 2007

Letter to Editor

Dear Editor:
  I would like to give comment on the news " Cabinet
finalizes draft law on nat'l language development" which
posted on May,17. 
Name: Yi-Ting,Dong Connie
Address: No. 10, Nan-Ko Rd, Chiao-Tao Village, Kaohsiung County.
Mobilephone: 0912982218
Taiwanese parents' attitude toward the national languages development draft law and nativist education
The nativist education has been promoted and implemented for years. In order to protect the equality of languages, the government had approved the national languages development draft law. The policy and law benefit Taiwanese resident because the younger generations will be able to understand the natural history, geography, dialects, arts and local diverse culture of their homeland, respect the different culture and ethnic groups, and build their personal identity.
The nativist education, however, is not supported by parents due to their concern of limited usefulness of native languages. They might consider the language policy in Taiwan is just a political trick. Once the language policy contains political interest, there is no meaning to implement it. Moreover, based on the pressure of test-oriented and competitiveness concern, parents prefer English or other "useful" language education rather than nativist education. As a result, the national languages development draft law may be just an addition pressure for their children.
Native language is the language spoken in the area we live, especially in daily life. Language itself includes the local and ethnic cultures, customs, spirits and personal identity. Those are the core values of a language which deserve to be protected and preserved. Parents are responsible with constructing the correct concept of language and recognition of native languages, or their children will lose in the struggle of who they are.
Parents' attitudes toward language development and nativist education are important because family is an effective language environment as well. The government should express the essence of language preservation to have the citizens understand why instead of enforcing nativist education. With this in mind, I believe the goal of language development and nativist education could be achieved.

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