Thursday, May 31, 2007

Letter to the editor

Dear editor,
I would like to express and common on the issure of "free speech in media"
Name: Annie Lin
Address:  高雄市左營區天祥二路111巷50號3樓
Phone #: 0932-005037
Free Speech in Media
        As time went by, the free speech in media is getting more and more open and liberal today without the strict regulation and suppression compared with the old day. From the media, we audiences receive a variety of news, messages from a good number of media --- no matter it is in the forms of newspaper, magazine, TV station, broadcasting station and so forth. However, it is seemingly obvious that almost every media take their standpoint and have a political prejudice or preference while reporting the news towards the mass. Although the respect and freedom of speech should be given to media, how to convey and inform correct and neutral news to the audiences is quite crucial as well since the readers or audiences deserve the right to receive what it is true in the messages we are given. Sometimes, it is quite disappointing to see the same circumstances got various distinct conclusion or consequences from different media; as a news-receiver, at times we can't help
wondering the authenticity and objectivity of the media since it certainly causes confusion and more doubt for the audiences. Thus, we expect true and no-biased news from the mass media while the media implements their freedom of speech properly.

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