Wednesday, May 30, 2007

letter to editor

Dear Editor,

I would like to offer my opinion on English proficiency key to foreign firm jobs.

Name: Yu Ju Wang

Address: 8F., No.101, Lane 420, DinjinHou Rd., Sanmin District, Kaohsiung City, 807, Taiwan

Mobile: 0952087746


According to the article on May 7th, the survey found that over 96 percent of Taiwan's white-collar workers wanted to work for foreign enterprises, and with English proficiency at all aspect, was the priority skill to be chosen to these foreign enterprises.


It sounds attractive especially to those who will be graduating in June (including me), since entering a foreign company relates to better benefit by all means, yet how do these people succeed in winning their "dream job" has become the question. What I would like to stress further is that in fact the language ability in today world is not examined for white-collar-workers only, but the process has begun even earlier before entering to working field.  For example, as a student major in English, our school has asked students to pass CSEPT (大專英語能力檢定) with required score in order to achieve the graduate qualification. Although this policy does cause some disagreements to non-English major students since they consider the requested score for them is hard to accomplish, however, the result of taking test is indeed helpful when it comes to hiring practices. What will be the decisive factor for you to get selected for the job if you can not meet with the need to English ability in all aspect, and moreover, to use it naturally as if you are speaking your mother tongue? The experiences could be accumulated, and the skills could be improved, but all these come with the premise that your English is good enough to do all the communication and to receive information.   


This may sound threatening, that English is such a crucial element in job-searching market. What we can do now to get ourselves a ticket into this trend is to bring our potential into full play, which means to learn as much as you can at any time, and get ready for every possibility.

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