Sunday, May 27, 2007

the Opinion about Hiring Foreign Teachers in Taiwan

Dear Editor,
I'd like to express my opinion about the problem of hiring foreign teachers in Taiwan. Thank you for the time.
Sincerely yours,
Charlene Wu, Hsiao-Ling
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Another Viewpoint of Hiring Foreign Teachers
As everybody knows that the topic about hiring foreign teachers is good or not is popular in Taiwan. Some people say that foreign teachers are beneficial to children's English pronunciation and writing, but some say it's difficult to examine the foreign teachers' moral standing and qualification. In this verbal battle, the cultural difference between the nonnative teachers and Taiwanese students tend to be neglected.     
    Foreign teachers' expectations for the students are different from Taiwanese teachers' expectations because of the cultural difference. For example, not raising hands in class could be regarded as undedicated and inactive and not to mention the students have to use a foreign language to communicate with their nonnative teachers. Sometimes the different cognation of culture and English deficiency could cause unfortunate misunderstandings between the teachers and students. Actually, the misunderstandings could not only diminish students' interests for learning English but also disappoint foreign teachers for teaching overseas. 
    Language and culture are unrepeatable. To assist those foreigners who want to teach English in Taiwan to understand Taiwanese culture is urgent and essential. Only by knowing the nation's culture, the foreign teacher could guide the local students to understand his own culture and language. The department for Education in Taiwan should offer the courses that are related to Taiwanese culture and moreover, require the foreigners to be intern teachers before they can officially be teachers of English in Taiwan. All of these are helpful for both nonnative teachers and students to adapt to each other since teaching is a way of communicating.

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