Thursday, May 31, 2007

to the editor

Jess Liou
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Reply for the topic of Cabinet finalizes draft law on nat'l language

Indeed in recent years the language policy in Taiwan is especially
focused on the native languages and it do encourage people to learn their
own mother tongue. Acts such as supports of some famous singers or
politicians shows that DDP government does try their best to fulfill this
task before 2008.
However, language policy may help the misunderstanding occurred among
people when DDP uses it as a weapon to provoke the cultural contrariety.
Furthermore, to win more support from people especially for the
presidential election in 2008, DDP has tactically provoked angers of
Hokien, Hakka and aboriginal people to Chinese while they were promoting
the language policy, such as appropriate speeches for the 228 event,
removing the statue of Jiang and the issue of re-name the national company.
All these t events that are related with language policy will just
overgrow the social harmony.
Moreover, weakness still exists in the process of language policy in
school. School and parents acclaim that language policy disturbs the
teaching order. For parents, they complain that it will just give more
burdens for their children as they are in a furious studying environment in
Taiwan. As the policy and the reaction of people can not match with each
other, government should find ways to solve it but make it even worse.

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