Monday, May 28, 2007

opinion about "English exam for candidates aj oke?"

Dear Editor,
I would like to share my opinion about "English exam for candidates a joke" by Daniel J. Bauer. 
Chen, Shou-Chen 陳守真
"Education" or "English learning" is always the topics that would be mentioned in election campaign.  What have mentioned about English Education really touched my heart.  In my opinion, English proficiency is over emphasized here in Taiwan.  Moreover, people have wrong consumption about English proficiency.  Even though English is an important language or a medium for people to communicate, our government has made language policy that students should start to learn English in elementary school.  I totally agree with what Mr. Bauer has mentioned about the English education here in Taiwan.  Students are asked to remember complicated grammar and vocabulary when learning English, instead of really put what they have learned into practice.  Most parents care about whether their children perform well in the test or not, they even send their children to cram school in order to get an earlier beginning of English learning.  That is the reason why our students gradually became the world class athletes in The Examination Olympics.  However, is performing well in English tests equals to good English speaker?  I really doubt about that.  Therefore, learning English is important but should not be over emphasized.  English learning styles should be changed.  Instead of learning complicated vocabulary or grammar, students should learn English in practical uses.  Instead of only performing well in English test, they should learn to perform English well in daily life. 

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