Thursday, May 31, 2007

Name: Lee Tsai Tien Address:6F-1 631# Bo-Ai 3rd Rd. Zuo Yin Zone Kaohsiung City.  Phone:0963117846  Dear Editor, I would like to expresson my opinion about Asian Beauty    
The crown of miss universe 2007 was placed on the 20 year old Riyo Mori from Japan. What is special about this second Japanese beauty ever won the title is that contrary to the traditional Asian idea of feminine beauty, Mori shines with her much tanned skin.
In most of Asian, women are obsessed with having white skin. Not only millions of beauty product sales are based on selling whitening products, you can also see girls walking on the street with giant masks that make them look like characters from the star wars. Or girls cover themselves so completed when they go out as if they have a third degree burn. As I ponder on the phenomena of Asian women dying to the white but white women dying to be tan, I find it is more about showing the status of life style more than anything. If a white woman can lie under the sun, sipping juices, and putting coconut oil on her so she can get the perfect tan everyone would envy about, that becomes the beauty standard white society purses. On the other hand, if an Asian woman doesn't have to go out to the field to work and can stay home to develop the traditional feminine traits, then she will have the white skin to show her privilege. So now we see the other side of the grass is always greener, people keep wanting what they do not have. But has it gone too far? As we see all the whitening beauty products fill the market and every open space, what is it really telling us? When using a white person to be the model for whitening beauty products, as in my opinion, is so manipulating. Is it saying that by using this whitening product you will be so white that even become a different race? Or is it simple encouraging people to buy more products to achieve this impossible task.  When having white skin becomes the only beauty standard in this society, people become even more narrow minded. They follow and obey blindly any vales society wants them to carry, instead of learning to accept all kind of beauty and possibility. Most important of all, they don't want to be themselves. Having only one standard for beauty is only a small example of how media controls people's mind in this society, as we see plenty more examples in fashion, politics, and so on. I think it is important to acknowledge this condition and learn to be an independent thinker.

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