Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Taiwan Quick Take

Dear. Editor


Responding to the article English course offered Taipei times posted on May 27, 2007,


Erika Harada

Kaohsiung city, ling ya district






The Ministry of National Defense's Language Center will recruit and train 80 officers to strengthen their English comprehension skills and help the nation in future talks with the US on arms procurement.  The ministry said it expects to recruit more military officers who can speak fluent English to facilitate communication with their US counterparts.


In my opinion, this is a great challenge for the Taiwan Government.

Nowadays in Taiwan, many kids start to study English.  Their parents spend much money to let their kids learn English. However, there are many Taiwanese who are over 40 years can't speak English actually, even thought the policemen are neither.


From my experience, the policemen catch the foreigner on the road, if he or she just can speak in English. They won't to be report the foreigner. It's because of that the policemen can't speak English and it's so difficult for them to communicate with foreigners.


The military officer train to strength English comprehension skills would be great influence of Taiwanese English studying for elders and women.

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