Wednesday, May 30, 2007

letter to editor

Dear Editor,
I would like to offer my opinion on ¡§All-English
Learning Environment in Taiwan's English Language

Name: Liu Chao-Jie
Address: Room 208, 2F, No.302, Minzu 1st Rd., Sanmin
District, Kaohsiung City
Mobile: 0958584045

What Taiwanese English learners need the most is the
chance to speak English. As we all know, schools in
Taiwan tend to give students tons of tests; a lot of
teachers tend to stuff students with endless tests.
Students go to school to take tests; they don¡¦t have
to open their mouths. What they need to do is to
write, write and write. Maybe it sometimes works, but
in terms of learning English, it¡¦s not a right policy
to apply.

We use English to communicate with others. Practice
makes perfect. If we rarely have chance to speak
English at school, how can we communicate well in
English. Maybe we can read English newspaper and
answer confusing grammatical questions; we know a lot
English words and are good at taking tests. But when
encountering real conversation, we stammer because of
lack of practice. It is a common phenomenon in Taiwan.

However, in recent years there are more and more
all-English learning environments in Taiwan, which
allow students to improve their oral abilities.
Students can apply what they learn from textbooks in
daily conversation. Bring knowledge to reality. Only
through that can students improve English proficiency.
Taking tests may increase scores; it¡¦s speaking that
makes you really learn languages.

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