Monday, May 28, 2007

letter to the editor

Comment on "Public figures should have the right to privacy"
by Chou, Chiu-yun

Should public figures have the right to privacy? The answer is definitely yes.

        Even though the media has its duty and function to monitor the public figures, I do not think anyone should have the unlimited freedom of speech. In my opinion, the freedom of speech should be based on the principle that no one is hurt. This includes both physical and psychological condition.

        Maybe a person's private life style to some extend represents his/her characteristic and morality, and would have impact on the performance of his job, it does not mean that the media has the right to overly trace their private lives. Imagine the scene in the movie "The Truman Show", how terrible and sad if the character become ourselves one day!

I strongly recommend that everyone should treat each other as the way you want to be treated. Only with the limited freedom of speech, can everybody learn to respect each other and be responsible for their own words.

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