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Dear editor:
I would like to express my opinion about National Languages     Development Draft Law, thank you.
BY Vita Chien, 簡婷婉, 0918450329,高雄市三民區大豐二路5681
Can the draft law protect the indigenous languages?
As DPP is in power, they propose several draft laws step by step to protect indigenous languages which are used by variety of ethnic groups in Taiwan, such as acquire elementary school students to learn native languages. However, there are over 20 indigenous languages in Taiwan, if the young generation must learn all of them, it will cause more educational problems.
   If languages are not used by human, they will be disappeared. Although our government wants to protect those indigenous languages by laws and acquiring primary school kids compulsorily, those kids don't use native languages which they learn in school in daily life. Parents prefer theirs children's having good English skills to indigenous languages skills. That's the reason why there are plenty of English cram schools. In most of the Taiwan people's minds, having perfect English skills means having competence. We always admire those who speak fluently English, but nobody envies people who have good native languages skills.
English is used around the world but indigenous languages just are spoken in few groups in Taiwan. Taiwan government acquires the young generation to study native languages by force, but the older generation doesn't have any idea about indigenous languages. In my opinion, that our government proposed the national languages development draft law can't solve the problem of extinguishment of indigenous languages. This draft law just scratches the surface of this problem. How to teach the Taiwanese to pay much attention to our own cultures and languages is more important than to draft the laws to protect languages.
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