Wednesday, May 30, 2007

opinion letter to the editor

Dear editor:
I would like to respond my opinion about the article Taipei celebrates Africa Day posed on May 26, 2007.
Name: Hsu Yun-Chen
No.1, Lane 532, Dingjhong Rd., Sanmin District, Kaohsiung City 807, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Phone No.0919038066
Thank you very much.
 Cultural Interaction is not A Slogan.
Africa Day was held few days ago in Taipei . When I ran through this news, I felt surprised because I had no idea about Africa Day, and never heard that our government promoted this celebration. As the friend-nation of Taiwan , Africa is not familiar with Taiwan 's people, either do I. From my point of view, people in Taiwan are too less chances and experiences to contact with other different ethnic groups in the world.
Therefore, I suggest the government should hold more culture- interactive activities and encourage people or students to participant. The parents should join more cultural activities with their children. Students should learn the difference of ethnic groups in the school as well as family. The most important thing is that adults should set a good example of respect each other to show to the next generations instead of talking gossip in TV.
Taiwan is a small island. Competition among big countries to catch up with them is intense. The thing we can present ourselves is our cultural enlightenment in really action of everybody's mind. Every person and group has its unique culture to be respect no matter what kind of groups, Africa, America , or Asian are. We have to maintain our curious and respectful mind toward everything. With curiosity, we will find the answers or get more information through the Internet or books. "Equal of ethnic groups" is maybe still far away. Hence, as humans, the citizens in the world, have to take responsibilities to achieve the common goal.

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