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All-English Learning Environment in Taiwan's English Language School

Dear Editor:
I'd like to express my opinion about the situation of Taiwan's English language school of all-English learning environment.
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Irene Lin, Su-Juan

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All-English Learning Environment in Taiwan's English Language School


        "No Chinese, English only."  This is always heard in Taiwan's English language schools.  Now, this kind of policy also applies in Taiwan's universities where both teachers and students are supposed to speak English in classroom.

        This would be a good way for students to speak more English since they can only use English as the communication tool in class or during the break time.  But, it would not be an efficient way to really lift students' English level of proficiency.

        One of the biggest reasons is that students' ability to understand English.  When teaching or explaining the contexts' meanings or grammar points in English, it is always a concern that whether students can catch on the points.  If not, teachers may use English to do it all over again, or just explain in Chinese which would be a fast way.  After all, there would not be 100 percent all-English learning environment. 

        On the other hand, some students are afraid of making mistakes when speaking English thus they do not talk more in class.  Then, would this kind of policy reduce their willing to speak or talk in classroom. 

        Moreover, for some younger English learners, wouldn't it be possible that they have an idea that speaking Chinese is bad thus we are forbidden to do so.  Namely, is Chinese inferior to English? 

        What is important is that students' ability to comprehend the language.  There are other ways to improve their speaking ability, such as more conversation practice in class.  Students would be much happier and willing to speak English.





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