Thursday, May 31, 2007

Letter to the editor

Comment on "Freedom of the press is being taken for granted"


By Nicole Juan





        News we are watching everyday, which are supposed to provide accurate and balanced information, no longer stay neutral.  Due to the freedom of the press that is protected by Taiwanese constitution, media is able to report what they want and what they discover.  As Taiwan has become the freest nation of the press in Asia, it should be a good thing.  Yet the media takes it for granted. 

I agree with local media is biased.  Every news channel has their favor in parties.  Therefore, when they are reporting the same news, we will have different aspect because different angles are used to protect their favorite party.  It is reasonable but when the media fabricate the news, it is another story.

Another interference that makes media not trust worthy is watching rate.  The press has to follow the favor of the audiences in order to attract them.  People love watching scandals and gossip, so it becomes a trend.  The more and dirtier news the journalists find, the better the watching rate is.  Gradually the freedom of the press is abused. 

Maintain balance report is definitely not easy yet it is a challenge.  I expect to see more true news.

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