Tuesday, May 29, 2007

letter to editor

Dear editor ,
I would like to share my opinion with you about "the language policy of Taiwan makes
a burden to Taiwanese student", thank you for your time.
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The language policy of Taiwan makes a burden to Taiwanese students
Taiwanese and other aboriginal languages had already being oppressed for almost one century. Recently, our government has being awake that Taiwanese people has been gradually losing our native languages and our heritage. Therefore, the government actively legislate some language and education-related policies in order to prevent from losing our native languages. Unfortunately, English has gradually become the second language in Taiwan and plenty of people deem English as more useful language than our native language.
Although Our Ministry of Education constantly practices revival-language policies and subsume Taiwanese into compulsory subject in school, many of Taiwanese students still consider Taiwanese, Hakaa and other aboriginal languages useless, they even don't know why they have to learn it. It only makes another burden to Taiwanese students. In my point of view, I suggest our government that to reward speaking native languages at homes, in tribes or using their native languages to communicate with their parents or grandparents instead of forcing students to learn native languages and making native languages compulsory subject in schools. The school or government should give the new generation a notion that learning our native languages is simply for maintaining our heritages and preserve our own culture. Making people active in maintaining our native languages is better than making them passive in learning our own languages.      

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