Monday, May 28, 2007

Language Right in Taiwan

    Here to talk about the "Language Right" in Taiwan, I can't help thinking about the fallacy of native speakers in Taiwan students and people's mind. As an English teacher in cram school, I feel that the students are sometimes misled to misconception of foreign teachers are more professional and have good pronunciation than teachers who learn the language in their own country. Therefore, there are many cram schools now hiring typical white American-accented foreigners as a mean of attracting more students. Because the demand of the market, employers hire those foreigners base on their born places and races. Parents in Taiwan want their children to take the best education and have the chance to associate with foreign culture by contacting with foreigners. The question is, do foreigners, especially "Americans", really have more vivid teaching experiences and grammar teaching skills than teachers who had their education in specialized schools? I think valuing a person's ability doesn't depend on his/her races or identity. People who aren't born American can speak English well, and maybe they can teach English well, too. Although America now is on of the dominant countries leading in the world, we still have to respect people's abilities in English of other countries. Everyone has the right in speaking language whether he/she is a native speaker.
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