Thursday, May 31, 2007

Letter to the editor

To whom it may concern:
    I'd like to give opinion on the news "Fed up with identity game".
Lisa Hsu
Phone: 0912439469
Add: 15F,#231,Dajhong 1st Rd,
         Sangming District, Kaohsiung 807
         Taiwan, R.O.C.

        Exaggerating Identity Politics Endangers the Integration of Ethnic Groups


        Advocating clear identity for Taiwanese is a good deed but overplaying identity politics and creates the subsequent woes that haunt the citizens can be seen as shouting wolf which cause panic over the diverse ethnic groups in the Island.

        Near 70% of the population identify themselves as Taiwanese thus ethnicism is no longer a priority for citizens instead nation's global competitiveness, economy power, and political stability are more of the crucial concerns among Taiwanese.  However, Chen Shui-bian's administration neglects the preference of the citizen and kept detruding new menu. 

        Diverse ethnic groups in Taiwan, however, are not suitable for an Exaggerating ethnicism tactic playing by the DPP.  While promoting Taiwanese identity or rather say "Southern Fujianese" identity can be seen as playing down the position of other ethnic groups in Taiwan.  People are classified strictly by their own ethnicity as the result of over playing identity politics; therefore, it creates conflicts between ethnic groups.

        The ruling party DPP is acting like an old dog which can not play new tricks, endless identity upheavals since the political shift in 2000 up to now panic the society.  The DPP won the ruling position by its identity campaign and afterwards the concentration focuses on identity as if other pragmatic issue is out of concern.  Other than that, patriotism is judged by being a Taiwanese or being a Chinese descendent instead of the patriotic saga which a politician contributes.  Using the identity politics against its rivals gradually creates its own obstacles in wining the next presidential election because many are fed up with identity politics.

        As a whole, Taiwanese people are having their own, clear identity in their hearts. It need not be disturb by a newer exaggerating political tactics over such an issue.


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