Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The opinion from Monica Huang

Dear Editior:
I would like to share my opinion about children's
English with you.
Thank for your time.

Name: Monica Huang 黃佳仁
Address: 高雄縣鳥松鄉明湖路81-6號 4F
Phone Number: 0919174376


Is the good decision or just the desire?

In the elementary school, the children from fifth
grades to six grades need to learn English
becaue of the policy of MOE in 2000. The parents
mostly put their children into the English cram
schools for further improvement after school time.
Moreover, some children even lerant
English at the kindergarten period.
The parents simply hope that their children's
English won't fall behind others'. Or, they
think the sooner start of learning English, the better
result of it. However, this kind of thought would
influence the children's interest of learning English.

The children have already endured the pressure that
they have to learn English well from the expectation
of thier parents' hope. If the children didn't learn
English well, their parents may scold at them first
and stop their learning of English in the cram school
for saving money. By doing so, the children may start
to hate English this subject and lose the interest of
learning English.
That is just one kind of situation of children's
English learning. Here I would like to point out that
the parents usually think about the hope on their
children first and then if it reveals the opposite
effects of children's English learning the parents may
awake to that their decisions are not suitable for
their children.
In oreder to lift the children's interest of
learning English, the parents in Taiwan should tell
the reason of learning English to the children first.
Moreover, the parents also pay much attention on
children's mind for learning English not just on the
effect ot learnig English. To care what the children
want is more important than to ask what the children


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