Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Letter to Editor

Opinion on English proficiency key to foreign firm

Name: Liang-Chun Li
Address: 高雄市苓雅區武慶三路32巷6號4F-1
Mobile: 0963008840

Dear Editor

It is true that English proficiency is a key to
foreign firm jobs. And what makes employees so urgent
to enter such foreign companies is that they provide
good salary and welfare to their workers compared to
other local companies. However, I don't really
recommend learner of English just to learn the
language simply for the basic need of a job.
Languages are more likely to be the key to the world,
not just a key to foreign firm jobs. The definition
of English proficiency should be focused on the common
knowledge of English cultures and the ability to
express one's own culture to the rest English
speaking groups. This is what learners of English now
in Taiwan lack. It would be a waste just to learn a
language for getting a better job instead of using the
language to explore the world. How nice would it be
to explore the world while having a good work in

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