Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Letter to the editor

Dear Editor,


I'd like to express my opinion about the article ¡§English proficiency key to foreign firm jobs¡¨ posted on May 5th.


Sincerely yours,

Lin Yu-chiou


Name: Lin Yu-chiou

Address: No.183, Jhongshan 1st Rd., Sinsing District, Kaohsiung City 800, Taiwan

Phone No.:0958061125



English proficiency now becomes the major and common need among those employees.  It is necessary to require language proficiency certificates in job-hunting market.  In my opinion, language could be as a tool when people are communicating, but certainly it cannot be one¡¦s expertise.   Language can be a process which can help the employees to get much knowledge.  The reason bases on the situation of the interview.  Imaging that, the managers cannot discover that their candidates are without the proficiency, but they can find out whether the candidate can speak English fluently or not.


Ten years ago, when I studied in the elementary school, few students had the ability in English.  Moreover, most of them could not figure out the ABC letters.  Then, nowadays, the elementary school or the kindergarten both will have the program of learning foreign language.  BUSHIBAN locates everywhere.  Learning English becomes a trend.  Concerning the reason why our kids or job-seekers want to speak English fluently is the economic reason; English proficiency could mean that they have more chances to get a better job.  Nevertheless, people will prefer to learn foreign language instead of our native language.  Although, the government tries to keep our mother tongue (Taiwanese, Hakka, and aborigine languages) alive, if there is no such economic consideration or other interests for learning those languages; it is true that our language will disappear.

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