Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Language Policy in Taiwan

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I would like to express my opinion towards National Languages Development Draft Law.
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By Henry Wu  0933648558 高雄市鼓山區雄峰里九如四路二○一一號二樓之四
Language Policy in Taiwan
Following the establishment of National Languages Development Draft Law, language policy in Taiwan makes a breakthrough. It also means the equality of language. However, some people regard it as political issue with subjective thought. From the point of "localization and internationalization", the draft law have reached the localization goal in language policy. Internationalization would be the next step.
     From the geographical and historical view, Taiwan is an island which has contained multiple languages and cultures. In the early era, some languages, except of Mandarin Chinese, such as Taiwanese, Hakka or aboriginal languages were suppressed by the powerful authorities. And some of them were almost suffered from extinction. The draft law can just retrieve them. It's not something relating to independency, but correct language policy.
     With increasing economic development, internationalization has become the fever. English is the global language which more people are learning. Chinese, especially, has been another fever in the world. Taiwanese government should seriously look upon real situation and adjust its strategy in languages. English is second language in Hong Kong and Singapore and it lets them internalize. But people in two cities can still speak Chinese well. They are good examples for Taiwan.
     The draft law is a great starting step in "localization". The point should be emphasized is that localization and internationalization are both important. And the authority should search for correct language policy instead of votes.

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