Thursday, May 31, 2007

Letter to the editor

Dear Editor, I would like to express my opinion about
the freedom of expressing the idea of Taiwan's

Name: Wendy Chen

Do we have freedom of speech to express the idea of
Taiwan's independence?
Again, the announcement of Taiwan's independence of
President Chen upset the US officials. Again, the US
officials worried about whether the announcement would
influence the status quo in Taiwan Strait or not.
Certainly, another familiar consequence is that
Beijing asserted its anti-secession position.
This kind of news is really not "news" to most
residents in Taiwan; we all can predict what will
happen next. Actually, the idea of independence seems
to become a "taboo" within Taiwan's society. Except
some advocates of independence, most of us avoid
mentioning and expressing any comment related to the
issue of independence. From many cases and events, we
perceive that we are under the threat of Beijing and
pressure of Washington; therefore, we don't have
freedom to express the idea of independent, but have
freedom to express the idea of unification or
maintaining status quo.
In addition, we realize and acknowledge the fact that
Taiwan can not match mainland China. By degrees, the
atmosphere of being threaten and the feeling of
helpless oppress many Taiwanese's will of free
expression on the issue of independence. Even though
the advocates according to their free will bravely
propose the idea of independence in public; they are
treated as the trouble makers and not valued for the
aspect of freedom of speech.
If we are already deprived of free speech of any
determination, such as the idea of independence, I
doubt that we can determine Taiwan's future actually
according to our free will. Because of the reality of
survival, in fact, we are forced and bent to certain
orientation of Taiwan's future.

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