Thursday, May 31, 2007

Good to see Cabinet finalizes draft law on nat'l language development

by Han Chen-Ying, Kaohsiung City

    Taiwan is a beautiful place with plenty natural sceneries and various ethnics. It will be really a pity if we lose the diversity of the aboriginal culture. Therefore, the finalization of the draft law on national language development is really a good news for the aboriginal culture in Taiwan. I remember I was taught there were 9 aboriginal ethnics in Taiwan when I was in elementary school; now we have over 13. As a result, I know our country does put some efforts on preserving the aboriginal culture, or there wouldn't be so many aboriginal ethnics now. Although language for someone is just a media for communication, the preservation of the aboriginal languages or other languages is actually like protecting a culture. Without a language, a culture of that ethnic will not be complete. I'm glad to see our government finally does something meaningful. Also, not only the government, the minorities strive for it a lot. I see more and more singers singing Taiwanese songs; in many activities held by the government in Kaohsiung, I see Taiwanese and Hakka rappers performing on stage. I can see the whole nation focusing its ethnic culture more and more!    

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