Thursday, May 31, 2007

Letter to editors

Dear Editors,

Hi, I would like to give commends on " War over renamed CKS memorial
continues" on May 29th.


Constance, Yeh Fang-Chun
No. 12 Minde Village, Tashi, Taoyuan

Taiwan's politics are very interesting, actually. Every time when
there is election coming up, "playing with name" or "Code war" this
kind of old trick will just pop up again and again. It is like using a
Taoist magic figure to cure disease, unreal, but very useful. This is why
our government, the DPP, keep doing the renaming from CKS International
Airport、China Post to CKS Memorial Hall, because it just works!
DPP try to use the ideology behind the action of renaming to enlarge
the opposing position between people, or I should say between
pro-independent or anti-independent on this island, in order to reduce its
responsibility to the people for making them wait years and years. When
politics had become cheap enough not to have any principles, moral standing
or prospective, Taiwan, actually are moving forward to "third world-lize"
, just like South Africa or Albania.
When will this game stop? Perhaps let's wait for the next ruling
party, maybe they will give us answer.

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