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The opinion of language policy in education system

Dear editor:
I would like to express my opinion about the entrance exam on this weekend. Thanks.
By Lillian Huang 0953768852 from 3F., No.7, Lane 1, Sanmin St., Xizhi City, Taipei County 221, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
The opinion of language policy in education system.
The burning hot weather has put more difficulty on our juniors, their three-year contemporary future were decided in this weekend.  What's different is new composition test.  It is the track back to take the score of composition into rank.  I would say it's a key point to put efforts on our dying Mandarin.  There is nothing overstating on dying, in fact that our traditional beauty of words has faded and simplified on net and dairy usage.  The score was evaluated on organization of thinking, the accuracy of word chosen, expressing suitable and also clear and clean in writing.  An article piled up what they learn, expressed how their depth and what's missing in inheritance.
     The fact of backsliding of Chinese has been the hot issue in education system.  Relatively, the timing to learn English or revival endanger language have sometimes became the reasons which resulted in our backsliding.  In my opinion, hours of Chinese class are subjected from both reasons.  However, the real factors made our Chinese level worsen are the disappearance of our passion for our Mandarin identity and the lost of self-identity in Western culture.  
      Japanese fashion, American spirit and Korean soap opera have changed youth's preference and invaded our culture.  Movie, music and fashion industry replaced traditional ones; magazines replaced books.  The trend has became that simple is better and try to be humorous.  There is nothing wrong in simplified or humorous expression but in it's occupation on their way of learning day by day.  Foreign culture is better than ours then forming their new identity which is open-mined and confident and differs from being medium.
     It is good to learn merits from foreign culture but it is shame to lose what's we own and something we should be proud of.  Those are our almost six-thousand history and the beauty of Chinese.  I really appreciate this development of our language policy in education system and it is a chance to let parents and students face their lack then made up for what's they lost.

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