Monday, May 28, 2007

letter to editor

Dear Editor,
I would like to share my opinion about the article " All languages are equal, Su says" posted on 2007/3/21
Fang Hung-Ning 方虹甯
高雄市三民區鼎力路197號5樓 0934055969
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All languages are equal.
Mandarin has been taken an important part in Taiwan for 50 years. The Government which directed by the Chinese Nationalist Party treated Mandarin as an official language. People at that time were abridged not to speak other language expect Mandarin in the language policy. People used Mandarin to communicate without any choice. Because of this policy of against all languages apart from Mandarin, many languages and dialect had been died. Many ethnic groups like A-mei or Tai, their mother tongue could not preserve by the generations.
Several years passed, the language policy was not administered anymore after the political changing. The government also tries to preserve the native languages in Taiwan or the Aboriginal languages with a series of policies. The government promotes the native languages in the country should be preserve instead of replaced although there's only one official language. In nowadays, Mandarin is not the only one native language which flowing in Taiwan. There are several native languages been spoken in Taiwan such as Taiwanese, Hakka or other ethnic group languages. They are equal in Taiwan. People freely to use the language they belong or they prefer.
Furthermore, the identity of the language and culture are raised gradually. For instance, Local Taiwanese style( 台客風) has been a hot issue in recent years. Many young people even older people tend to approve the style. This pheromone in the past wasn't popular in Taiwan. People had the stereotype that the more similar behavior of local style; the lower impression you would have.
However, in nowadays, people tend to explore their own identities and proud of the language they use. No mater which language you use, that is the unique identity you provide and the way you live with. The language you speak is based on which culture you share with. It shows your own value, spirit and specializes. To sum up, the native languages could show the background culture of the country. Therefore, all the languages in Taiwan are equal and should be protect by people. People would learn the respect of different languages or dialects.

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