Thursday, May 31, 2007

letter to the editor



Name: Lai, Jou yu (Zoe)

Address: 5F-1, #154 Ping-Teng Rd. Fong shan city, Kaohsiung

Mobile: 0960005417






Dear editor: I would like to comment on the recient serious problem of the false reports in Taiwan.



Freedom of Speech and the Responsibility of the Media


The Media are the main source from which the public gains fresh pieces of information. However, they do not seem to realize the power and the responsibility of theirs, refusing to face the fact that rights enjoyment also involve the payment of duty. To pursuit high circulation has become their main and nearly the only goal. Moreover, most of the presses have a clear political stance. People in Taiwan are overwhelmed by un-neutral news.

 The media bears the responsibility of educating. In Taiwan, we enjoy the freedom of speech, but it's a pity the Media makes a very complete use of their freedom by representing astonishing, catching false reports even false ones, which has set a ill model for the pubic and as well change people's value. They indeed have the right to report the news that they favor due to their political stance, but they can not neglect the responsibility of the effect of their reports. Un-neutral reports have constrained Taiwanese's thoughts.

The general quality of the reporters is lower than it used to be in terms of moral level. In my opinion, the media need to be re-educated so that, while owning the freedom of speech, they can learn more about bearing the duty of transmission of massages and educating, rather than seeing benefits only.    

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