Friday, June 01, 2007

Wait a minute! I always know I am Taiwanese!!

Wait a minute!I always know I am Taiwanese!!
Submitted by Cassidy

As a post-colonial country, Taiwan has always been struggling in searching for its own identity. Especially when the DPP(I��(Bthe so-called "real Taiwanese" representatives(I��(Bwon the election, they claimed that their first aim was to make Taiwan become an independent country. This, therefore, became a great expectation for their constituents, even until now, after 7 years of the "Bien government". In order to reach this goal, they asserted that rectification of names is inevitable, for fearing of being treated as an affiliated nation and furthermore, for wiping out the dictator's cult of personality, who had retrieved from China in 1949.

However, there is a myth here. Does the government now suggest that "Taiwan is not an independent country?" In the past, people know that there was a group of people who retreated from China in the hot war time. And the leader of this group then became the leader of Taiwan and then established ROC government in this place. However, Taiwanese identity, because of the claims and the rectification of names, suddenly becomes a real blur. Seeing the Chiang Kai-shek statues being torn down and cut in pieces and the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall being changed in order to not to "memorize" him, as a country urging for democratic independence, especially in this modern time when other countries are putting their efforts in protecting their cultural legacy even including China, we are actually going to an opposite way. If one is cultivated enough, he would immediately notice that we are in fact going through another "Cultural Revolution", fortunately, in a less bloody way, or unfortunately, in a more insidious way. Is it really possible to root our identity by destroying the other culture, or rather, our history? In other words, without the history of being one part of China and the culture derived from it, can we really find our identity? These are indeed, considerable questions needed to think about before pursuing further action.

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