Sunday, October 15, 2006

What's the difference between boys and girls

The following selected essays were based on the assignment on Deborah Blum's article,"What's the difference between boys and girls?".

The students were required to read and answer the questions on Essays from Contemporary Culture, page 236, submitted on 9/27/2006.
  1. What do you think Blum means by the phrases "gender neutrality" and "gender inappropriate"? What is your view of these concepts? That is, to what extent have you thought in terms of "neutrality" and "inappropriate" in relation to gender?
  2. What do you understand Blum to mean by "the Barbie versus Godzilla effect"? Can you given examples that either support or refute her point?

Essays from the following students have been selected:

Richard Lin

France Huang

Trisha Hsiao

Their essays are published on Language and Culture Ezine to share with others their thoughts and opinions on Language and Gender. Please read and give your comments. You can click the 'Comments' button to leave your message. Your opinions matters and will these students improve their craft.

Thank you.

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