Thursday, October 26, 2006

Trisha Hsiao's article, "What's the difference between boys and girls?"

What’s the Difference between Boys and Girls?

In this so-called gender identity disordered society, the issue of “gender neutrality” and “gender inappropriate” has become a heated discussion topic for biologists and psychologists for years. Gender does not seem to be just sex distinction anymore; on the contrary, it involves biological and cultural aspects.

Some believe people are born to be equal. They are born with bodies designed with the same function and with different features, which means boys could have female characteristics and vice versa. There is no certain role and rule for genders. However, others would rather claim that people are born to be different. Biological elements such as testosterone and hormones manipulate the pattern of their behaviors, which later on imposes stereotypes on different sexes.

Gender inappropriate is the production of stereotypes. Boys should be restless, strong, and full of competitiveness; girls should be talkative, sensitive, and teem with tenderness. Whatever is not tagged to this is considered as gender inappropriate. As a result, boys who ask for a Barbie or girls who ask a Godzilla as a birthday gift will cause an enormous anxiety to their parents. People tend to label objects as manly or girly just like speakers of a language label objects as masculine and feminine. To the same extent, homosexuality and bisexuality are regarded as heterodoxy in the society. Yet, it is a matter of choice. Human biology makes room for every possibility of personality and sexuality. There is no right or wrong orientation, it is how you want to behave affects your gender tendency.

Human biology only does a little help on genetic variations. What causes differences is what we impose on our generations. We are born to be equal and to be different; it all depends on how we draw this blank paper and set gender roles and rules on our own.

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